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Suppliers Of Sandstone Tiles in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Persian Tile is a supplier of high quality Sandstone Tile in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and other part of South Africa.
Our Sandstone Tiles comes in different sizes and colors such as desert, Mint, Country Cameo and many other colors.

Our Sandstone Tiles are the highest quality and very affordable. Persian Tile is proud to be one of the biggest supplier of Sandstone Tiles,Travertine Tiles, Marble Tiles, Cladding, Mosaic, Granite Tiles and Limestone Tilesin South Africa. Our stock of Sand stone is available in our Cape Town factory.

Sandstone tiles have been used for home building and house wares since ancient time. Sandstone tiles are continued to be used and very popular due to its non-slip and texture for exterior use.

Sandstone is composed of quartz and grain of sand bound together over thousands of years, they actually form when a layer or layers of sand accumulates as the result of sedimentation.


  • Sandstone Desert Sandstone Desert
  • Sandstone country cameo Sandstone country cameo
  • Mint Sandstone Mint Sandstone
  • Grey Sandstone Grey Sandstone
  • Hond Sandstone Hond Sandstone
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