Natural Stone Cladding

Are you looking for either real vintage or natural modern wall features? Look no further, because these products are the best way to go. It’s a never go wrong with these natural stone products.

To begin with all our cladding are 100% from Natural Stones particularly Marble, travertine, Slate and Sandstone. We have them in a number of colors namely white, grey brown, black and autumn colors.

Why do it artificial if Natural stone products can do it better? Cladding can be used in quite a number of places usually entrance walls, passage walls, dinning walls, outside walls, bathrooms walls the list is endless. Natural Stone Cladding gives wide room of divers patterns to an extend of also customizing it.

Based in Cape Town South Africa but our wings are wide enough to supply in major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Beyond borders.

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