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Natural Stone Tiles Cape Town & Johannesburg

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Persian Natural Stone Tile is proud to be one of the major suppliers of Travertine Tiles, Marble Tiles, Cladding, Mosaic, Limestone and Sandstone Tiles in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa.

Our Natural Stone Tiles and Cladding are very competitively priced as we manufacture and import many of the products directly ourselves and we make sure highest quality of natural stone is delivered. Our cladding, Marble Tiles and Travertine Tiles are sourced from the finest queries in the world and our Sandstone Tiles sourced from the most well-known Sandstone queries in India.

Persian tiles was established in 2007 as a Travertine Supplier. We are proud to extend our product range to Claddings, Natural stone Basin, Marble Tiles, Sandstone Tiles, Limestone Tiles in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa.

Persian Tiles offer all range of different natural stone with various finishing including honed, polished, brushed and tumbled. They could be used outdoor and indoor for Kitchen and Bathroom on walls and floors. Please watch the video below to see how we make our Natural Stone Tiles

Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a beautiful Natural Stone that comes in many different colors such as Cream, Off-white, Brown and Beige. Travertine falls somewhere between Limestone and marble in terms of its development and are commonly found in Italy, Persia and Turkey.

Travertine Tiles are popular choice for indoor and outdoor uses. They come in different textures such as Antique, Hond, Polished and Brushed

Travertine Tiles could be filled and un-filled, Most people prefer the filled & Hond Travertine for interior spaces such as bathroom and Kitchen in South Africa. The un-filled Tiles are usually used for exteriors such as Stoep, verandah and around the swimming pool. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Travertine Tiles Suppliers in South Africa.


Marble Tiles

Marble is formed through a process call recrystallization. After thousands of years, Limestone is turned into marble because of persistent heat and pressure in the earth curst.  They come in many different colors such as white, Cream, Brown etc.

Marble Tiles are a popular choice for up market houses due to their beauty and durability. Marble Tiles come in different textures such as Polished, Hond, Brushed and Antique. The most popular texture in South Africa is Polished which give a bit of shine to you space.

The most popular Mable Tiles come from Italy, Turkey, Persia and United States. Marble Tiles are Low maintenance and easy to clean.Persian Tile is one of the biggest Marble Tiles Suppliers in South Africa.


Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone is made of quartz, the red and Brown color in sandstone is due to presence of Iron oxide. Sandstone are formed when sands are laid down and buried under pressure and temperature over thousands of years close to river, sea or ocean.

Sandstone Tiles comes in different textures such as polished, Hond and Natural. The most popular Sandstone in South Africa is Natural finish, which due to its non-slip texture is highly popular for around the swimming pool and outside areas. Other finishes such as Hond and polished is used often for interior purposes.

Sandstone is a very beautiful and easy material to work with, which could be used as Cladding, Pavers, and Pool Coping. South Africa got Sandstone mines however; some of the Sandstone Tiles in South Africa are imported from India and Middle Eastern Countries as well. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Sandstone Tiles Suppliers in South Africa.


Limestone Tiles

Limestone is composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms formed due to water pressure and temperature conditions over hundreds of years. Most of the composed minerals in Limestone are calcite and aragonite.

Limestone Tiles mostly used indoor, People who prefer light and affordable Natural Stone Tiles would prefer to go with Limestone. It is a very strong material although porous; if it is treated and maintained properly, it could be used for thousands of years. The great pyramid is an example to prove this.

There are different popular colors of Limestone Tiles in South Africa such as white, Cream, Beige and Grey. Limestone Tiles comes in different textures such as polished, Hond, Brushed, Antique and Natural. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Limestone Tiles Suppliers in South Africa.


Granite tiles

Granite formed from rapid cooling & crystallization of magma and it is an igneous rock. It is one of the hardest and strongest types of rocks available and that is why it is mainly used in construction.

Granite Tiles are used indoors and outdoors because of their hardness and strength, the most Popular Color of Granite Tiles in South Africa is Grey although it comes in many other colors such as black, red, pink, brown etc.

Popular finishes on granite Tile are Brushed and Polished. Brushed Granites could be used for outdoor uses where a non-slip floor is required. Polished Granite Tiles could be used anywhere even at the shopping mall due to its durability and hardness. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Granite Tiles Suppliers in South Africa.



Stone Cladding is mainly used to create features, they create a textured and natural surface. Different types of stone are used to manufacture Cladding such as Travertine, Sandstone, Marble, Granite and Limestone.

Natural Stone Cladding are light and easy to install. They could be installed indoor or outdoor without any problem once they are maintained properly.

Depending on the type of stone, there are different sizes and colors of Cladding available for example one of the most popular of sandstone Cladding in South Africa is Desert Sandstone and the popular color of travertine Cladding is called Classic Travertine Cladding.Persian Tile is one of the biggest Stone Cladding Suppliers in South Africa.


Bullnose, Step Tiles, Skirting and Pool copping

Bullnose and Step Tiles are manufactured for the areas such as around the swimming pool, window sill, door sill, steps and anywhere that a sharp edge is not wanted.

We manufacture custom-made Skirting, Pool Copping and Daddo Tiles with our beautiful and colorful natural Stone Tiles.  One of the most popular types of pool coping in South Africa is Natural Stone Bullnose Tiles. Persian Tile is supplier of Bullnose, Step Tiles, Skirting and pool copping in South Africa.



Mosaic is an art, which is created by putting small pieces of flat or rough Tiles together. Most popular Mosaic in South Africa is Travertine Mosaic and Marble Mosaic although they could be made of other Materials such as Sandstone, Limestone or even Porcelain.

Mosaic Tiles come in different colors such as cream, Brown, Classic Tuscano mixed etc. There different types of Mosaic such as Flat Mosaic, 3d Mosaic and split-face Mosaic which are used for different Purposes for example flat Mosaic in South Africa is Mostly used as a Splash back for kitchen and Split-face Mosaic is used as a Cladding. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Mosaic Suppliers in South Africa.


Natural Stone Basin

Stone Basins are manufactured from different types of Natural Stone such as Travertine, Marble, Sandstone and Limestone. They could be use in the bathroom and Kitchen or as a water feature. They come indifferent colors and Textures. Persian Tile is one of the biggest Stone basin Suppliers in South Africa.


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